Versatile Blogger Award/One Lovely Blog Award

Anyone who writes and does so with serious intent, with the purpose of processing life, expressing themselves, using words as an art form, and so forth whether ubiquitous or unknown could probably agree with me when I say this: it’s a wonderful feeling to know — because they have told you in their own various ways previously — that your friends, both the ones that are fellow writers as well as the ones that have trouble putting their thoughts down, enjoy your writing, look forward to reading your newest piece, gain insight about you as a person (whether they know you in actual life or you met online), and just plain think you’re a good writer.

When they tell others publicly on the Internet that you’re worthy, that can put a smile on your face so broad that you swear you must be giving the sun and the moon some serious competition.

Imagine my surprise when bookending the same week — one where pick-me-ups have proven helpful and necessary due to some definite shifts in mood —  two (not one, but TWO!) of my blogging buddies included me in their nominations for these lovely fake writers awards, that because they are not only sweet as sugar, but also a great way to network and foster community among other word nerds, make them the best pretend thing ever!

The first bestowal of vindicated humility came from one of my college friends, Joe Johnson of Big Joe’s Soap Box at, who because he posts every Monday, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award last Monday, September 1, 2014. That gave me just enough giddy headiness to decide immediately to say “yes, please” and “thank you” to a friend handing me a blog topic.

Knowing that you should never expect lighting to strike the same spot twice, the second bestowal of vindicated humility provided by Kat Carpita of Dandelion Fuzz at — who nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award in her post this past Saturday — equally caught me off guard. Even though I am not lucky enough to know Kat in real life, I do feel fortunate in having connected with her through the wonderfulness that is MondayBlogs, a writers/bloggers community on Twitter that Kat, Joe, and I all participate in (and that I might not have ever found myself a part of if it wasn’t for Joe kindly telling me about it. Thank you again just for that, Joe!)

Since I didn’t know much about these automatic awards until recently, including how many there are (actually, I still don’t know this), what they are called, and how they are meant to be carried out, I am going to assume that someone reading this might not have this knowledge either.

So, starting with Joe’s Versatile Blogger Award, which Joe so neatly described as “a tip of the cap from an established blogger that thinks what you are doing is not only good work, but worthwhile,” the rules, or rather the main one, which is once you’ve been nominated you accept it by in turn nominating several other bloggers that you deem awesome. Apparently, the original instruction of 15 has undergone a whisper-down-the-lane effect, if you will, and the result has been writers nominating less than that. In his post, Joe wrote about just three bloggers, creating (I think) a more meaningful selection. I am going to stick with this magic number, due to the fact that I have another award to accept…remember? (All three are fellow MondayBlogs participants. Partial much? Yes! MondayBlogs peeps are MY peeps.)

Just minutes before finding out that Joe included me in his list, I had finished reading Matt Campbell Nicely’s weekly piece on his blog, Begin Again at, which for all that probably makes Matt and I different from each other, I always strongly connect with what he is saying, because he is always saying something that could have come directly from my own thoughts…just put together more eloquently, more intelligently, in a whole other sequence. I attribute this to what I know we have in common: both writers, both parents, both deep thinkers, both humans.

Another gentleman whose writing I love — when I can catch it — is that of Shane Wilson of Virtual Napkins at Shane has this incredible knack for beginning with several threads and expertly weaving each one to the other, marrying possibly various topics into a cohesive and masterful bigger picture, exhibiting deep and extensive thought, as well as solid planning.

Lastly, and ironically, Kat Carpita, whom I fully intended to nominate for this award before learning that she nominated me for the other just ahead, writes in this fully honest, human approach that is simultaneously simple and sophisticated. At times, she shares with readers facets of her life that take bravery and grace to present, and does so in a way that makes you feel like you are reading a letter from a friend, as opposed to someone just trying to sort out the results of existence.

This trio of writers are just a few individuals in which I have set my watermark to because their phenomenal writing makes me want to be better every time I read anything put forth by their unique voices. Don’t just believe me though. The included links are for ease of direct respect.

The One Lovely Blog Award operates a bit differently, which I was excited about as it caused me to think about this post slightly differently for the second half (I haven’t truly measured. I hope you don’t either). I’ll start with rules again. Kat says in her post:

1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Include seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award.
5. Display the award and follow the blogger who nominated you (if not already!)

As I already told Kat in a WordPress comment, I am tickled that she nominated me. She’s been reading my writing for a handful of weeks now. In fact, we sort of trade off it seems, she catches my recent posts; I look out for hers. But because us two ladies are only acquainted via the wonders of technology, I didn’t realize she enjoyed my writing that much. My gratitude, Kat, is immense. And if you’re just now tuning in, I’ve linked Kat above, earlier in the post.

I am not going to display the award because in my photo-happiness of previous posts, I have managed to use 83 percent of my allotted blogging space in just over a year. Corners are being cut wherever possible. This is a graduated-to-big-people-reading, text-only operation until I get a solution sorted.

My seven facts came to me all at once while I was vacuuming after dinner on Saturday. I hope that they are interesting as a unit and on their own:

1. I have a “waste-not” mentality, very directly adapted from my maternal grandfather, who grew up during the Great Depression.

2. I’m a terrible swimmer.

3. I’m left-handed.

4. Sometimes, but not always, a room crowded with people that I don’t know causes me to feel social anxiety.

5. I fantasize about relocating to Portland, Oregon.

6. When I was about 13, I had a spell of being in love with archery.

7. Save for a trip to Canada (just over the border) when I was a year old, and having a sometimes-strong wanderlust, I’ve never been out of the United States.

Once I got started on this line of thought, I couldn’t stop. I could have included more facts about myself. But there might be a likelihood that I find myself penning one of these again. So, I’ll keep the other ones for another version of this.

I noticed that Kat choose ten nominees as opposed to the listed 15. I’m following suit, because frankly, in spite of the community that is MondayBlogs, I wasn’t sure if I actually know enough about that many other bloggers. But once I got looking through Twitter, I realized I have definitely interacted to some degree with a fat lot of fellow writers! Choosing just 10 became the new challenge. If I could, I would nominate every MondayBlogs blogger…in fact, that’s sort of what I just did. Seriously, go check out as many as you can, find who you enjoy.

Also, just like any definition of anything, “lovely” might mean something different to you than it does to me. Some of these other bloggers are indeed lovely; all of them write in a way that I connect to somehow:


Many thanks to both Joe and Kat for the nominations, and thusly, a topic for the week.


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3 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award/One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you so much, Kat, for honouring my blog with this lovely award, and in such great company. I have to confess I have been nominated already and haven’t yet got round to posting my response (or the badge) but will link back here when I do. It’s great that we’ve been able to connect with so many blogs through the Mondayblogs community.
    I enjoyed your list of things about you. I too have a miserly side, mine from my maternal grandmother who grew up in poverty. Well, maybe not miserly, but I can’t abide waste. I also think it’s interesting that (generalising dangerously here) North Americans don’t tend to travel outside their country as much as Europeans do – but the US is a hell of a big country!
    I hadn’t checked your “about” page till now – although I had been curious about the title of your blog, so beautifully enhanced by the lollipops down the side – and love where it’s come from. There’s so much joy and a strange depth in some of the crazy things kids say.
    Keep on blogging and congratulations on your double award.

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