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Navigating All The Time

Welcome to the initial post to my blog. This one is what I consider short in length — a rarity, as you will come to find, in my writing as I tend to be verbose with words because I love them, because once I get thinking about a subject, I end up with a lot to say. In spite of this, I always try to write in an easily approachable manner. After all, it would be nice if other human beings not only get to read the thoughts I post here, but enjoy them to whatever degree personally relatable.

There are reasons though, for a brief first outing: I’m new to WordPress, so I’m learning as I go, though as a friend and fellow WordPress blogger said, this is a user-friendly site (so far). Also, this is a late day venture, my preschooler is (calmly – yay!) waiting on me, dinner needs a coming together, and I’ve been sitting in this mostly-comfortable folding chair for hours, just trying to do all that computer stuff that us parent-types never seem to be able to make time for. Plus, researching where to start a blog. Really, just time to get off my bottom and move along in the daily schedule.

A bit about me: I’m a stay-at-home momma to the coolest, sweetest, funniest, smartest, silliest little LEGO builder, book enthusiast, plush animal collector, aspiring chef ever! (We’re all partial to our own children, arn’t we?) Before I ever embarked on the winding journey of parenthood, back when time felt differently, flowed differently, I had many interests, some that took a pause, some that were just budding, some I hadn’t discovered yet. I enjoy many things, including but not limited to: photography, art, baking, crafting, history, films, music, entertainment, books/reading, and fitness/exercise.

Why I decided to start a blog: Writing has always been part of who I am and want to be. I was the teenager that wrote poems every where she went during high school, who, possessing all the naivety of youth, believed one hundred percent that college would be a big creative writing experience. It wasn’t, though a lot of writing was required of me as a student of English and communications. That proclivity for flights of fancy turned into the quest to become a journalist. It took a handful of years post earning my degree to land a writing job, but I did try my hand at being a player in the game of newspaper, and hung in for slightly more than two years as an editorial assistant. The stagnant state I found myself in, partially brought on by my own fears and self-limiting scenarios coupled with the sensation that my soul had gone to an other land along with those that I wrote about each week (obituaries were my largest responsibility) led to my departure. The employment that followed covered another two years, this as a bookseller for a large chain. I began that experience completely excited about being near my precious, books. Plus, realizing how lost I felt I couldn’t come up with anything else I could see possible for myself at that time. All jobs have pro’s and con’s and eventually the latter made themselves clear. But life is funny and magical in the way it connects the dots for you when you really need it most. My husband and I decided to try for a child, which led to maternity leave, which led to my trying to return to a job that I had fallen out of love with (another one!, I remember thinking), which led to leaving on terms that I’ll never be proud of, which led to my still-current status: stay-at-home momma. Woven behind all of this, I have always wanted to write at least one book, get published and do well enough with the outcome. That was part of why I worked as a bookseller, in the hopes that being near all those novels, all those long, hard journeys of pain and hope and joy and any other human emotion, in print would permeate the air and take residence in my being via nostrils and lungs, imbibing my soul with unadulterated muse-like inspiration and motivate me to write a book. That didn’t happen. It’s still a goal. Always will be. I feel I shouldn’t give up on it, or anything for that matter, as long as I am still alive to try to do it. Blogging looks to me as practice for writing a book. Both require time and discipline.

What you can expect me to write about: All of the above listed generalities, as well as any other subjects I get to pondering.

The last thing I want to say for now, is that this post’s title is not just about being new to WordPress. As a real initial topic, navigating parenthood has been on my mind since last week. There are concerns, both for the present and for the future, on how my family unit will survive all the stages of my child’s growing up and arrive successfully in her adulthood. Post deux will be an expansion of this thought.

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